Canada goose black friday 2017

Canada goose   black friday 2017

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Cheap Canada Goose 2 on 15 May, the Canadian light luxury outdoor brand Canada Goose Canada goose officially submitted an IPO application.
Canada Goose sale According to the company, to the SEC-filed prospectus, Canada Goose plans on the New York Stock Exchange and the Toronto Stock Exchange, while the listing, the public offering contain a secondary right to vote The Stock, The Stock code is“GOOS” and proposed a $ 1 billion placement scale.
Earlier industry sources said Canada Goose plans total sell 10-15%stake. This means that the IPO is expected to Fund-raising 2-3 billion, Canada Goose the valuation of 20 billion dollars.
Canada Goose was founded in 1957, the year 2013 12 months private equity Bain capital, Bain Capital acquisition of Canada Goose a majority stake in the company current CEO, founder Sam Tick’s grandson, Dani Reiss, retains a minority stake.
According to Canada Goose, the prospectus of this IPO, Bain capital will sell part of the equity while continuing to keep Canada Goose of a controlling stake.


canada goose sale
canada goose sale

Canada Goose in the Prospectus describes in detail the company’s performance, business model, potential risks and growth strategies, the gorgeous Journal from which to select the most core of content, as follows:
The following list is the Canada Goose in the four time periods of financial data:
The fiscal year 2016 as of 2016 3 December 31 of the previous 12 months

The fiscal year 2015 as of 2015 3 on 31 December of the previous 12 months

As of the 2016 year 12 month 31 day before 9 months

2015 12 January to 31 December of the previous 9 months


canada goose sale jackets
canada goose sale jackets

Important point:
The fiscal year 2016 sales of 2.908 billion yuan, an increase of 33.2%

The fiscal year 2016 net profit of 2650 million yuan, year-on-year growth of 84%

As of 2016 12 months 31 days in the first 9 months, sales of 3.526 billion yuan, an increase of 41.7%
Although Canada Goose has red all over the world of social media, but the company has been in North America as the Main Market, mainly in Canada, Local and American made high-speed growth. Future Canada Goose will accelerate in the other global market expansion.
The following table is for fiscal year 2014/FY 2015/FY 2016 major market sales data:


Canada Goose parka cheap sale
Canada Goose parka cheap sale

Canada: Canada Goose in China has higher brand awareness and penetration, sales to achieve rapid growth. Wholesale network-wide coverage, and in 2014 8 months in Canada and launched an e-Commerce platform, 2016 10 months in Toronto opened its first retail stores.
United States: the fiscal year 2016 U.S. sales of $ 1.034 billion, then the fiscal year 2014 increased by 2 times, the average annual compound growth rate as high as 75.5 percent. Data 2016 8 January to carry out consumer survey, Canada Goose in the USA the brand awareness of 16%, Canada 76%. 2015 years 9 months, Canada Goose launched in the United States electricity supplier platform. The brand in the U.S. customer base concentrated in the northeast, 2016 11 September in New York opened retail stores. In addition, the Mid-Atlantic, U.S. Midwest region and the Atlantic Ocean in the Northwest region is also a potential market canada goose black friday 2017.
canada goose chelsea parka The rest of the world: the UK and France are the European Region of the business the most developed markets, especially the retail business, the wholesale network is not yet fully developed, is still in the shop-in-shop in the initial stage of development. 2016 9 months in the UK and France launched the electronic business platform, plan for the future in the region establish its own retail channels. Germany, Italy, and Scandinavia also have development potential.
canada goose branta Markets outside Europe, Japan, and South Korea the development of the most Mature. Over the past decade, Canada Goose in the two largest market with first-class Distributors to establish a cooperative relationship, helping to enhance the brand in the area of awareness, make sure that the Brand of sustainable development. China will also be Canada Goose future development priorities.
Business model core competitive advantage canada goose gilet
Canada Goose summed up the brand’s core business model, but also is the brand’s main competitive advantages:
Real brand story: over the years Canada Goose products help global explorers, scientists, athletes and film crew against the harsh Arctic weather。 These adventurers journey and achievements and attitude reflects Canada Goose the core of the concept canada goose bodywarmer.
Never compromise the process: with decades of experience in the field of testing and attention to detail, Canada Goose to develop high-quality functional products. The technical fabrics and high quality down combined, to create a more warm, more light, more durable product. Products from the initial warm, after extending to the breathable, wind-proof rain-proof and many other features shelburne parka.
Loyal customer base: the Consumers survey shows that 82%of customers said they prefer to buy their own Canada Goose coat, 84%of the customers said that when the decision to purchase a new high-grade jacket, they will still choose the Canada Goose in.
To“made in Canada” pride: the long Canadian tradition and are committed to local manufacturing, is Canada Goose the business and brand to the core. While many peers outsource production to offshore manufacturers, but Canada Goose commitment in Canadian production, the Canadian production facilities and artisans is to promote Canada Goose become the industry leader in the important factors canada goose black label.
Flexible supply chain: the company direct control of product design, innovation, R & D and testing, this can achieve higher operational efficiency, provide customers with quality products. The company’s internal production facility with a Canadian third-party subcontractor to establish long-term cooperation relationship. A flexible supply chain for the company brings a unique advantage, including extended services, to meet customer demand, shorten the product development cycle and achieve a more profitable ability.
Multi-channel distribution: the Canada Goose’s global distribution strategy includes two channels, wholesale and retail center. Wholesale sources: with the distributors, as of 2016 12 months to 31 December has been expanded to 36 countries; retail Channels: the outdoors, luxury and online retailers cooperation. Particularly through the rapid growth of DTC, straight surface consumer channels, including in the four countries of the e-Commerce site and has recently opened two directly operated stores, more direct management of the Customer Experience, increase brand engagement and loyalty, and achieve higher profitability.
Passionate and responsible management team: Canada Goose from a small family business successful transition to a global brand, its management team contributed. Dani Reiss, in his role as CEO of the company before, in almost all of the company’s sectors of work, help the company expand its international distribution channels. In 2001 as CEO, Dani Reiss, the formation of an experienced team.
Potential risks
Canada Goose elaborated with the business about the potential risks and uncertainties, these risks if the occurrence will have on the company’s performance and financial position have a significant impact, investors will also suffer losses. One of the most important of the three points are:
1)In recent years, the company developed rapidly, if not to the existing scale of management operations, the effective realization of business growth, then the growth rate may slow down.
Since 2013, Canada Goose committed to the development of the DTC channels, has, 2014, 2015 and 2016 in Canada, the United States, Britain and France launched e-Commerce sites, and last year 10 month and 11 months in Toronto and New York opened retail stores. Sales from 2014 of 1.52 billion yuan growth to 2016 of 2.908 billion yuan, the annual compound growth rate of approximately 38.3%, which includes the fiscal year 2016 DTC channels generated by 3300 million yuan of the sales.
2. the liabilities may have on the financial condition adversely affected.
By 2016 12 December 31, Total liabilities reached 2.781 billion yuan.
3 animal welfare advocates of the boycott, the company’s business negatively.
Canada Goose has always been animal welfare advocates blame the target. Canada Goose the products include certain animal products, such as all feather and down filled parka using goose and duck feathers, parka use the wolf fur has been caused by the animal rights organization’s attention. In addition, the protesters may destroy the store sales, or through social media and other activities, and guide public opinion to boycott the product. As long as this any one of these activities is successful, will the company’s sales and performance adversely affected.


canada goose kensington parka
canada goose kensington parka


canada goose gilet
canada goose gilet

On the chart: Canada Goose New York retail stores)
Growth strategy
For the fiscal year 2014 to the fiscal year 2016, the Canada Goose to achieve high-speed growth. Sales compound annual growth rate of 38.3%, the net profit compound annual growth rate of 196%, with Adjusted EBITDA CAGR of 85%. Gross margin from 38.6%to 50.1%, and the adjusted interest, tax, depreciation and amortization before profit margin from 10.4%to 18.7 per cent.
Future Canada Goose will also be in the human capital, production capacity, brand building and distribution channels for long-term investment. The use of these investments and the maturity of the growth strategy, the continued expansion of the global market share.

canada goose in new york
canada goose in new york

Specific growth strategic elements include:
Enhance brand influence: to enhance the brand in the potential customers in the awareness, strengthen the brand and customers relationship. The consumer survey shows that outside of Canada the vast majority of consumers on the Canada Goose brand comparison strange. Canada Goose will be through reputation building, as well as through traditional channels to reach new customers methods, to continue to enhance the brand in the global visibility.

canada goose kensington parka online
canada goose kensington parka online

The consolidation of the wholesale network in all markets by adding new wholesale sector and retail partners to enhance sales. In addition, through a broader supply of products, exclusive products and shop-in-shops with retail partners in the relationship.

The expansion in electricity providers dominated DTC channels: the fiscal year 2016 Online Sales grow dramatically, the reach 3300 million yuan, accounting for total sales of 11.4 percent. The company plans to continue in the new markets to launch e-Commerce platforms and in major Metropolitan and high-end outdoor tourism destination the addition of new retail stores.
Expand the jacket other than the category of selectively respond to customers on other functional demand for the product, such as knitwear, wool products, footwear, travel gear and bedding etc.

canada goose kensington parka online
canada goose kensington parka online

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