10 percent and the BSE largecap index was down 0

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canada goose jacket Set WeatherNo State Fair No worries! How to make smoked turkey legs at homeNo State Fair No worries! How to make smoked turkey legs at home10 days agoNo State Fair No worries! How to make a hot beef sundae at homeNo State Fair No worries! How to make a hot beef sundae at home12 days agoHidden Gems of CNY: Homemade soups and designer sandwiches tucked inside an office parkHidden Gems of CNY: Homemade soups and designer sandwiches tucked inside an office parkThe Salt City Soup Co. Knocked it out of the park in its first four days of business. Then the pandemic shut everything down.canada goose jacket

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canada goose black friday The BSE midcap index was up 0.28 percent, while the smallcap index fell 1.10 percent and the BSE largecap index was down 0.22 percent.Here are10 companies in which brokerages raised target price post Q2 numbers:Macquarie has lowered the volume guidance to 224 228 MMT for FY20 at 8 10 percent growth. However, the cargo diversification in bulk, break bulk gas will give resilience.The balance sheet has ample headroom to fund expansion and acquisitions, it feels.It has raised FY20 22 EPS estimates by 5 6 percent.The company’s consolidated net profit rose 72.4 percent at Rs 1,059.2 crore versus Rs 614.2 crore, while revenue was up 8.2 percent at Rs 2,821.2 crore versus Rs 2,608 crore.It has raise FY21/22 PAT estimates on lower tax.The company posted a 14 percent rise in consolidated net profit at Rs 3,522.7 crore for the quarter ended September. Its net profit stood at Rs 3,084.54 crore in the year ago period, the company said in a regulatory filing..canada goose black friday

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